Sesderma Men Power Perfect The Skin Lab-House Coffret
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Sesderma Men Power Perfect The Skin Lab-House Coffret


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Sesderma Men Power Perfect The Skin Lab-House Coffret offers a powerful moisturizer duo for men in an elegant necessaire.


This promotional pack contains the following products:

  • Sesderma Men N9 Hydra Boost Lotion 50ml
  • Sesderma Men N9 Supreme Anti-Aging Lotion 50ml

Sesderma Men N9 Hydra Boost Lotion 50ml is indicated for hydration of all skin types, including more sensitive skin. More specifically, this fluid cream is perfect for denser and rougher-textured skin like men's. Furthermore, this product helps to deeply hydrate the epidermis, also preventing the appearance of signs of age such as wrinkles and even loss of firmness. In turn, the presence of various types of Hyaluronic Acid molecules give the skin a huge hydration boost, leaving it fuller. That said, the skin also ends up gaining a more rejuvenated, radiant and even more revitalized appearance. In addition, the skin is also protected against external factors for a more repaired complexion. Furthermore, this cream is enriched with an algae and sea plant component that retains moisture in the skin for long-lasting hydration. All in all, this cream becomes the perfect ally for any type of men's skin that needs a boost of daily care while preventing dermal aging.

Sesderma Men N9 Supreme Anti-Aging Lotion has a powerful formula that helps prevent and reduce aging signs. Starring the 3-Retinol System, this daily moisturizer stimulates cell renewal and has an intense antiaging action. With three different forms of Retinol, it increases the skin's natural collagen production boosting elasticity and firmness, and significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Along with Hyaluronic Acid and powerful antioxidants it hydrates, refines, and renews the complexion while protecting from external environmental aggressors. Day after day it helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and correct the existing ones lending the skin a radiant and also smoother appearance.