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Klorane Polysianes

Klorane Polysianes · 25% OFF

A line of solar and post-solar care based on Tahiti Monoï with delicious textures and scent. Discover more / Buy


Nuxe · 15% OFF

This brand is ecognized for its quality and effectiveness and awarded countless times. It is based on a pharmaceutical approach to skin care formulation. Featuring unique products based on an exclusive selection of active ingredients extracted from plants. Discover more / Buy

Vichy Me Time

Vichy Me Time · 20% OFF

This brand was founded by both Georges Guérin and Dr. Haller with products that meet the various needs of the skin. Today, this brand is one of the most important and most noteworthy advanced cosmetic brands in the world. Discover more / Buy


Bioderma · 25% OFF

Bioderma by working in collaboration with dermatologists and research centers, this brand has formulated extremely effective products, safe, tolerant and innovative available for all skin types not forgetting the most sensitive, atopic and intolerant ones. Discover more / Buy

Vichy Sunscreens

Vichy Sunscreens · 25% OFF

The sun can be our greatest ally and the worst enemy of our skin. Know the products of this brand to protect the skin of the whole family from the harmful effects of the sun. Discover more / Buy

La Roche-Posay Sunscreens

La Roche-Posay Sunscreens · 25% OFF

The most sensitive and intolerant skin of the whole family can trust this range of La Roche Posay sunscreens with high efficiency and protection against the harmful UV rays. Discover more / Buy

Nuxe Sunscreens

Nuxe Sunscreens · 20% OFF

Discover this range of sun protection products that combines extreme effectiveness to the glamor of delicious and unforgettable textures and fragrances. Discover more / Buy

Avène Sunscreens

Avène Sunscreens · 25% OFF

The sun is both healthy and dangerous for our skin! Therefore, it is necessary to protect the skin of the whole family with products with high and lasting moisturizing power. Discover more / Buy

Bioderma Sunscreens

Bioderma Sunscreens · 25% OFF

Bioderma Sunscreens effective, tolerant and adapted to the different needs of the skin of the whole family. Discover more / Buy


Mustela · 25% OFF

Since 1950, Mustela innovates in order to anticipate the specific needs of the fragile skin of infants, babies and children but also future and young mothers. Discover more / Buy


Isdin Isdinceutics · 20% OFF

A unique anti-aging range with powerful actives that develop a preventive and corrective action on skin aging. The combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin K oxide and Ultraglicans forms a unique alliance between dermatology and aesthetics that ensures the beauty of the skin over the years. Discover more / Buy


Somatoline · 20% OFF

Somatoline is the leading brand in Italian pharmacies, offering a range of slimming products which is distributed in many European countries. Somatoline formulas are the result of constant scientific research, innovation and a drive for improvement, making them unique, clinically tested, and cutting edge solutions to common body conditions. Discover more / Buy

Uriage - Sunscreens

Uriage Sunscreens · 25% OFF

This sun protection line ensures you an excellent protection, balanced and widespread, against UVB, short and long-wave UVA. There is a great care for all skin types. Discover more / Buy

La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay · 20% OFF

This brand has a more than 30 years of experience in the fields of cosmetic and dermatological research that allows it to present a wide range of products for skin care and make-up meeting the needs of all skin types, including the most sensitive and atopic. Discover more / Buy


Lierac Sunscreen · 20% OFF

Ideal for protecting your skin from the sun's harmful effects while enjoying the time at sea. This new range of products ensures UVA / UVB patented protection and develops anti-wrinkle action and anti-dark spots containing nourishing and tan activating properties. Discover more / Buy


Endocare · 20% OFF

Endocare is a complete range of dermal regeneration and anti-aging skincare, which is the result of years of carefully documented clinical work. Based on exclusive patented technologies, Endocare products regenerate and repair dermal structures to visibly improve the signs of both intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging. Discover more / Buy


Neostrata · 10% OFF

Neostrata, founded in 1988 by Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, this North-American brand of dermo-cosmetic products is internationally recognized as a leader in dermatological research & development specialized in the use of AHA - glycolic acid and PHA - Gluconolactone, active ingredients that visibly improve cell renewal and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. Discover more / Buy


Phytolium · 25% OFF

A range of products with effectiveness scientifically proven to meet the most challenging problems such as hair loss and thinning hair.Discover more / Buy

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