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Sesderma Laboratories were born in 1989 in Spain and have been, until the present day, pioneers in research and dermo-cosmetic innovation. It was one of the first brands to use Glycolic Acid in their products. In 2010, Sesderma also launched an extraordinary innovation using nanotechnology that allows the transmission of assets through nanometric liposomes with a high penetrating power in the deeper layers of the skin, improving, therefore, its effectiveness.

Sesderma Anti-Aging


A complete set of ranges, specially designed for anti-aging skin care fighting the signs of the passage of time: wrinkles, spots, dehydration and loss of firmness, among others. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Specific Concerns

Specific Concerns

A wide set of lines specially designed to take care and treat even the most sensitive skin, while fighting major skin problems like rosacea, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Here are the best solutions for the specific body problems such as cellulite, stretch marks, lack of firmness, tired legs, among others. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Hair Care

Hair Care

Whatever the problem of your hair is, you will find here a solution to your needs. Meet the large amount of products that this brand has designed to make your hair stronger and healthier, to combat hair loss and control dandruff and grease. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Sun Protection

Sun Protection

We know that the sun, although healthy and extremely pleasant, can cause irreparable damage to the skin. The application of a good protection cream can avoid problems such as serious burns, stains and melanomas. Here are the best solutions for protection before sun exposure as well as photo-repairing products after sun exposure. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Men


The male skin is special and has very specific characteristics that is necessary to understand and care. Discover the wide range of skin care products and treatments created specifically to take care of male skin. Discover more / Buy

Sesderma Babyses

Sesderma Babyses

A line of products specially formulated to take care, moisturize and protect the baby's delicate skin. Give your baby a daily sensation of well-being and comfort. Discover more / Buy

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14 Item(s)

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