Fascinated by nature, Patrick Alès created the Phyto brand in 1969. Placing the most advanced scientific knowledge and the power of plants at the service of the hair, he created products to provide clients all over the world with exceptional hair care, featuring 95% of ingredients of plant origin.

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Phyto Hair Loss & Thinning

Hair Loss & Thinning

Plenty of solutions to slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth, with formulas for every need.

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Phyto Gray Hair

Gray Hair

To restore color back to the first gray hairs, Phyto has created Phyto RE30 to boost the natural pigment in the hair fiber.

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Phyto Hair Color

Hair Color

Phytocolor is a permanent hair dye that combines optimal color performance with a gentle formula that respects both the hair and scalp.

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Phyto Color-Treated Hair

Color-Treated Hair

Color-Treated Hair offers dedicated hair care products to protect hair color and revive its luminosity and radiance.

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Phyto Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

After chemical treatments and continued use of styling tools, Phyto Damaged Hair products repair and strengthen the hair fiber.

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Phyto Curly & Textured Hair

Curly & Textured Hair

Phytospecific is a specialized hair care range dedicated to all of those who want to work with their curly and textured hair.

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Phyto Anti-Frizz


Phytodefrisant is a dedicated hair care line with solutions for frizz, flyaways, and even rebellious baby hair for all hair types.

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Phyto Anti-Dandruff


Phyto Anti-Dandruff range minimizes discomfort and removes dandruff with ease, thanks to an innovative botanical complex.

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Phyto Oily Hair

Oily Hair

Phyto Oily Hair range is ideal for those struggling with an oily scalp. It regulates oil production and leaves the hair feeling clean.

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Phyto Frequent Use

Frequent Use

Designed for daily family use, Phyto Douceur is the Phyto answer to the needs of those who need a frequent use of shampoo.

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Phyto Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive Scalp

Phytoapaisant is a hypoallergenic solution for gentle cleansing while soothing the scalp.

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Phyto Flat Hair

Flat Hair

For fine and flat hair that lacks movement, Phytovolume is the range that brings the hair lightweight volume that lasts.

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Phyto Anti-Pollution


Phytodetox cleanses the hair in-depth, providing anti-pollution protection and removing product build-up as well as other impurities.

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Phyto Styling


Phyto Styling offers a set of easy and practical hairsprays, that provide natural hold without weighing the hair down.

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