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Patrick Alès created Phyto brand in 1967, placing the most advanced scientific knowledge at the service of the hair, providing the users with exceptional products with 95% of ingredients of plant origin.


Phytophanère – Supplement for strong hair and nails

A dietary supplement that provides strength and healthy growth for both hair and fingernails. Discover more / Buy

Phyto Hair Loss

Phyto - Hair Loss

A range of products with effectiveness scientifically proven to meet the most challenging problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. Discover more / Buy

Phytokératine - Exceptional Care

Phytokératine - Exceptional Care

An exceptional and specific care, ideal for very damaged, dry and brittle hair. Discover more / Buy

Phyto Beauty

Phyto Beauty

A full range of products to give the hair all the attention and care it deserves. Discover more / Buy

Phytosquam - Anti-Dandruff Care

Phytosquam - Anti-Dandruff Care

A line of ultra-effective products to combat dandruff problem taking care of the scalp and the hair fiber. Discover more / Buy

Phyto Shampoos & Conditioners & Masks

Phyto - Shampoos & Conditioners & Masks

The proper choice of shampoo, conditioner or mask is the first step in the care, health, and vitality of the hair. Phyto offers a full range of products to take care of all hair types. Discover more / Buy

Phytoplage - Sun Protection

Phytoplage - Sun Protection

A line of products for all hair types to preserve and protect the hair when exposed to sun, sea, and swimming pool, sand, and salt. Discover more / Buy

Phyto Hair Color

Phyto Hair Color

A complete collection of incredible tones for an effective, natural and lasting color, 100% vegetable. Discover more / Buy



Formulated to meet the special needs of ultra-dry hair, this exclusive line will leave your hair soft and nourished with key ingredients like Narcissus Flower Wax and Macadamia Oil with nourishing properties. Discover more / Buy


Phytodensia - Anti-aging Care

A range of products created specifically for thin and devitalized hair result of the passage of time. A fantastic anti-aging care that acts both on the hair fiber and on the scalp helping the hair regain its vitality and strength. Discover more / Buy


Phytomillesime - Dyed hair or with highlights

A range formulated specifically for colored hair that provides a complete ritual to ensure that the color is maintained and radiance is boosted. Discover more / Buy

Phyto RE30

Phyto RE30 - Hair Repigmenting

A true innovation - this is the first product to repigment white hairs, bringing back the natural color of the hair. Discover more / Buy


Phytojoba - Nourishing Care

The mythical Phytojoba range was reinvented to intensely hydrate the hair, from roots to ends. Find 3 products that will provide softness and shine to dry hair, without weighing it down. Discover more / Buy


Phytonovathrix - Global Anti-Hairloss

Discover the ultimate anti-hair loss treatment from Phytosolba Laboratories, which works simultaneously on 16 biological targets involved in hair loss and hair development. Discover more / Buy

Phytodetox - Anti-Pollution

Phytodetox - Anti-Pollution

Based on the properties of Eucalyptus essential oil, this anti-pollution hair care range restores health and well-being to the hair and scalp. Discover this selection of products designed to protect the hair from the damaging effects of a modern lifestyle.  Discover more / Buy

Website Oficial Phyto - www.phyto.com

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