YOUTH LAB is a Greek brand of advanced skincare products aiming to enhance the skin's metabolism for a healthier, youthful look. Each product targets a different metabolic function and contains active ingredients, especially designed to balance the skin. All products from this brand are dermatologically tested and formulated without parabens.

YOUTH LAB Cleansing


A diverse range of cleansers that remove impurities and make-up without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance. They boost hydration and reveal the skin's natural radiance, all the while preparing the skin for the rest of the skincare routine. • Learn more / Buy

YOUTH LAB Hydrating & Moisturizing Care

Hydrating & Moisturizing Care

These moisturizing products provide in-depth hydration and minimize transdermal water loss, restoring the skin's elasticity and youthful appearance. Moreover, they offer powerful protection against environmental damage. • Learn more / Buy

YOUTH LAB Anti-Aging


The brand's unique "aging erasure" products restore youthfulness to the skin through advanced formulas that enhance and activate natural biological functions. The exclusive Liquid Crystal Technology allows for deeper penetration and a gradual release of active ingredients. • Learn more / Buy


Body Care

Specialized body products that redesign the silhouette and restore the skin's elasticity and tone, all the while stimulating microcirculation and evening out the skin tone. The brand's unique dry oil then lends the skin a luscious and natural glow. • Learn more / Buy

YOUTH LAB Sunscreens


This range of sunscreens lets you tan safely and evenly, all the while protecting your skin from sun damage, free radicals and premature aging. Whether you're looking for face or body sunscreens, you're going to find the right option with YOUTH LAB. • Learn more / Buy

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