SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream 75ml (2.54fl oz)
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SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream 75ml (2.54fl oz)

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SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream 75ml (2.54fl oz) ensures deep soothing, hydration, nutrition, and smoothing to skin that suffers from extreme dryness.


SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream 75ml (2.54fl oz) is the newest addition to the SVR Xerial range perfectly formulated to work on skin with roughness, folliculitis, severe dryness, or psoriasis. That said, this gel-cream glides on, melts, and is effortlessly absorbed into the skin, promoting an exfoliating, smoothing, and nourishing action. In this case, 30% of pure Urea, together with Serine, Histidine, and Bacillus ferment, exfoliates the skin eliminating traces and layers of extremely dry skin. In turn, they also help to smooth and moisturize the skin's roughness, giving it a much more uniform appearance in terms of texture. Furthermore, Panthenol then comes into action by being effective in combating all sensations of discomfort felt such as itching or even redness. By softening and calming the skin, it becomes more comforted and also hydrated, and smoothed.

On the other hand, this formula enriched with 64% natural ingredients also has 6% Coconut Oil. This not only guarantees a fresh, light, and natural fragrance to this cream-gel, but also promotes its nourishing and softening action. In addition, it easily restores the smoothness of the skin, especially in areas with extreme dryness such as elbows, arms, or legs. Finally, this highly sensorial fragrance-free product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In addition to replenishing its hydration levels, it even soothes it while exfoliating, nourishing, and smoothing it.

  • Texture: gel-cream;
  • Skin issues: dry and scaly skin, keratosis pilaris, roughness, ingrown hairs, severe ichthyoses, psoriasis;
  • Time of application: morning and/or evening;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin;
  • Main benefits: offers a fast-absorbing sensory texture that exfoliates extremely dry skin from the body while rebalancing its hydration levels, eliminating loose layers of dry skin, deeply nourishing the epidermis, restoring the skin's natural barrier and restoring its radiance, smoothness and softness, it has a formula with 64% of natural ingredients;
  • Formulated without: fragrances.
Main Ingredients
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  • 30% Urea deeply hydrates the skin. Moreover, this ingredient improves the skin's protective barrier and is essential for regulating its levels of moisture;
  • Serine and Histidine ensure optimal skin hydration while stimulating the activity of endogenous proteases;
  • Bacillus yeast contains proteases that facilitate the peeling process of the skin, thus promoting its regeneration and smoothing;
  • Panthenol helps to hydrate, repair and soothe the skin, reducing sensations of itching and irritation;
  • 6% Coconut Oil adds a natural fragrance to the skin as well as nourishes it in depth. It also smoothes and restores its softness.
How to use

Apply a small amount of SVR Xerial 30 Gel-Cream 75ml (2.54fl oz) through a gentle massage in areas of the body that suffer from extreme dryness or more problematic areas.

Product Indications
Exfoliates, hydrates & nourishes