Our brand new logo

Our most powerful brand asset and our unmistakable identifier.

Combined with a round-edged serif wordmark, the fingertip creates a distinct logotype. A simple yet impactful logo for a strong, consistent message.

All Cosmetics at Your Fingertips™.

The comprehensiveness of our catalog of products and brands meets the double sense between online purchase and cosmetic application, both of which are made with the fingertips.


A new voice that’s both friendly and elegant, while ensuring uniformity across all touchpoints and forms of communication.

Color Palette

One of our brand’s most powerful and recognizable assets. Our most iconic colors are the Brown and the Salmon, a dynamic and unmistakable combination mixed with the vibrant secondary colors, to a broad yet defined color palette.

Graphic System,
a well-framed identity
Accent Frame

Inspired by old, framed photos and the marks of the fingertips, Care to Beauty translated shapes into their simplest possible forms. Clear and recognizable at a distance they are the backbone of the identity’s form language.

Accent Frame

Bespoke icons that are visually inspired by our design DNA. Ensuring unified and accessible communication is a crucial part of conveying our desire to be helpful and approachable to all.

On this important mission, the immensely talented creative agency Bürocratik was at our side. We couldn't have been in better hands!