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Revolution Skincare Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream 9ml (0.30fl oz)

Revolution Skincare Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream 9ml (0.30fl oz) is enriched with Caffeine to reduce the signs of tiredness on the face, namely dark circles and typical morning swelling.

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Revolution Skincare Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream 9ml (0.30fl oz) consists of an eye cream specially designed to revitalize and brighten this entire area of ​​the face. In turn, this fluid cream has a typical lipgloss format that provides a faster and simpler application of the product. At the same time, its doe-foot applicator becomes a hygienic and very gentle option for the eye area. Furthermore, this cream has as its main ability an intense nourishment and hydration of the eye contour. In addition, it helps to reduce the signs of tiredness, particularly present in darker circles under the eyes.

The main star of this fluid eye cream is Caffeine. This, in turn, helps to promote the microcirculation of the skin helping to calm the typical morning swelling. At the same time, it almost instantly reduces the dark pigmentation of dark circles while brightening the complexion. Furthermore, the presence of Grape Seed Oil also helps to smooth the skin while being quickly absorbed. Thus, the signs of tiredness are not only reduced, but the skin becomes smoother and softer.

All in all, this fluid cream really becomes an ally in the fight against signs of tiredness. By eliminating puffiness and reducing dark circles, it provides a more awake, radiant and illuminated complexion. On the other hand, those sleepless nights won't show on your face.


  • Texture: cream;
  • Skin issues: signs of tiredness, dullness, dryness;
  • Time of application: morning and evening;
  • Age: 16+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: reduces signs of tiredness such as dark circles and morning puffiness, hydrates and smoothes the skin around the eyes, brightens the complexion leaving it more radiant, has a doe-foot applicator that allows for a more hygienic and faster application of the product;
  • Formulated without: ingredients of animal origin.

Main Ingredients

  • Caffeine, often present in stimulating drinks, is featured in this treatment thanks to its relevant antioxidant properties. Hence, it keeps the undesired free radicals at bay, while also activating microcirculation, which helps to recover a well-rested gaze;
  • Grape seed oil provides anti-oxidant benefits while nourishing the skin.

How to use

Apply Revolution Skincare Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream 9ml (0.30fl oz) to the eye contour with your fingertip along the orbital bone, without pulling the skin.

Additional Info

Product Indications

Decreases signs of tiredness & moisturizes