Real Techniques Cryo Sculpt Facial Roller
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Real Techniques Cryo Sculpt Facial Roller


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Real Techniques Cryo Sculpt Facial Roller helps achieve a fresh and radiant complexion through the benefits of a cooling effect and a massage.


Real Techniques Cryo Sculpt Facial Roller is a beauty tool that elevates your routine! Not only does it offer benefits for the skin but also involves you in a self-care experience. To begin with, this facial roller features stainless steel rollers that glide effortlessly across your skin. Most importantly, this material grants a cooling effect that helps to reduce puffiness, calm inflammation, and minimize the appearance of pores. As such, it leaves the skin looking and feeling revitalized. At the same time, this massage ritual helps to release tension, stimulate the face and sculpt. In fact, this roller presents multiple benefits. Firstly, it promotes circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. Secondly, it helps reduce inflammation, redness, or irritation. And thirdly, it helps to brighten the complexion. With one larger and one smaller end, this roller allows you to fit both large and smaller areas of the face. While the larger end is ideal to help sculpt the face, the smaller end is ideal for the delicate under-eye area. Besides, the ergonomic handle provides easy use and a comfortable grip, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure. In addition to its exceptional performance, this facial roller is also easy to clean. As a last note, it is vegan. Ultimately, this tool helps improve skin elasticity and tightens skin for a firmer and more youthful appearance. It is perfect for using before makeup, ensuring a smooth and fresh complexion that boosts the results.

  • Good for: all skin types, depuffing and sculpting the face, improving skin elasticity, calming inflammation, tightening pores;
  • Presentation: dual-ended facial roller with stainless steel rollers.
How to use

Use Real Techniques Cryo Sculpt Facial Roller with skincare products suitable for rolling such as serums or moisturizers. Using the larger end, roll upward and outward across the face. Using the smaller end, massage under the eye area and around the nose. For an extra cooling effect, place it in the fridge beforehand. After each use, wash with water and soap.