NYX Pro Makeup Pro Blending Brush
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NYX Pro Makeup Pro Blending Brush


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NYX Pro Makeup Pro Blending Brush is a soft brush that seamlessly blends any eyeshadow formula or finish - an essential tool for any eyeshadow look.


NYX Pro Makeup Pro Blending Brush is an essential brush to perform any eyeshadow look. It has soft, synthetic bristles, and is not only easy to use but also intuitive. After applying your eyeshadow on the lid, the edges may look too sharp and graphic. The following step is to grab a blending brush, the tool that can seamlessly blend your eyeshadow in a blink of an eye. You can use it with both cream and powder eyeshadows, of any color or finish. Whether you're looking for a natural one-shadow eye look or a full-on peacock smokey eye, the blending brush is essential to finish and perfect your look!

  • Good for: blending all types of eyeshadow formulas;
  • Presentation: long handle with soft and synthetic bristles.
How to use

Use the NYX Pro Makeup Pro Blending Brush to blends both powder and cream eyeshadows. In order to seamlessly blend the eyeshadows, use circular motions and apply as little pressure as possible.