Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray 160ml (5.41fl oz)
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Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray 160ml (5.41fl oz)


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Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray 160ml (5.41fl oz) will help you keep your color vibrant and intense for longer by offering protection from environmental stressors.


Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray 160ml (5.41fl oz) was specially developed to color-treated hair and promises to keep your shade luminous and intense for longer. In fact, this ground-breaking composition is part of the Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection, a line of products that has an ample approach to color care, starting at the salon and finishing at home. The main goal of this range is to preserve the vibrancy of your color, helping you enjoy that salon-fresh feeling for longer. This spray is the very last-step of this innovative regimen and focuses on protecting your color from daily environmental aggressors. It does so through a three-action tactic that prevents not only your shade from fading but also from becoming brassy.

First, the Protect & Prevent Spray resorts to a blend of antioxidants in order to neutralize free radicals from UV rays, pollution, and other external stressors. Simultaneously, it contains sunscreens that absorb UV rays and provide thermal protection against heat. Last but definitely not least, the Protect & Prevent Spray uses the ArganID™, an exclusive system that repairs the hair cuticle and locks in the color, by infusing the cortex with argan oil. Additionally, thanks to this microencapsulated technology, this product equally works as a weightless detangling spray that contributes to shinier and softer hair.

  • Texture: liquid spray;
  • Hair issues: color protection, brassiness;
  • Time of application: before styling;
  • Age: 18+;
  • Hair type: color-treated hair;
  • Main benefits: protects the hair from external aggressions, prevents the color from fading or becoming brassy, helps to detangle the hair, improves shine and softness.
Main Ingredients
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  • Blend of Antioxidants protect the hair from the damage of environmental stressors, pollution, and UV rays;
  • ArganID™ is a micro-encapsulated technology that helps to repair the cuticle and lock in the color by infusing the hair with Argan Oil. Even more, this exclusive system also simplifies detangling and improves shine and smoothness.
How to use

Use Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray 160ml (5.41fl oz) on towel-dried hair, by spraying the formula evenly on the mid-lengths and ends. Then, comb the hair to distribute the product and improve absorption. Finish by styling as usual.