Medela Solo™ Single Electric Breast Pump x1
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Medela Solo™ Single Electric Breast Pump x1

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Medela Solo™ Single Electric Breast Pump x1 guarantees a comfortable, practical, and effective extraction of breast milk.


Medela Solo™ Single Electric Breast Pump x1 provides incredible help with regards to breast milk extraction. In this sense, this electric pump is simple and compact enough as well as effective and easy to use. Its battery is rechargeable and allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. In this way, extracting breast milk has never been so easy and practical.

Regarding its interface, this is intuitive as it only has four buttons and nine pre-programmed settings. In turn, its design is light and compact, being easy to assemble and clean thanks to the few parts that make it up. At the same time, its transportability is optimized as its rechargeable battery lasts up to six extraction sessions, this on a full charge. Furthermore, its charging is even faster as it has a type-C USB port.

This pump also features 2-Phase Expression™ technology perfect for extravagant comfort. In this sense, the extraction of breast milk mimics the baby's natural sucking rhythm. In other words, this pump does not pump milk continuously but alternates the rhythm between faster and slower, just like your baby does. At the same time, this pump has a closed system that prevents breast milk from entering the tube, leaking, and infiltrating the pump mechanism. In this way, breast milk and its vitamins and nutrients are not compromised during extraction. Furthermore, the pump components are protected from potential damage.

Finally, this pack includes an extraction funnel that can be easily adjusted to your breast, making your breastmilk pumping more comfortable and giving you up to 11.8% more milk. This is possible thanks to a 105º opening angle and an oval shape that better fits the breast. In addition to being comfortable, it's even more effective. All in all, this breast milk pump is perfect for mothers who strive for comfort, efficiency, and portability in their baby essentials.

  • Good for: extract breast milk;
  • Main benefits: it is practical, compact and can be easily transported as it has a rechargeable battery; it's simple to clean; it is comfortable for the mother and provides greater efficiency in extraction due to its shape and funnel provided;
  • Intensity levels: several more and less intense levels;
  • Rechargeable: rechargeable battery, USB type C port;
  • Dimensions: 120x90x54mm, 250 g;
  • This pack contains*: a Solo™ motor, a 150ml bottle with cap, a bottle holder, a PersonalFit Flex™ connector, a USB charging cable, a USB power adapter, an instruction sheet.< /li>

    *Subject to change according to brand.

How to use

Before using Medela Solo™ Single Electric Breast Pump x1 for the first time you must disaggregate all its parts and disinfect each one (minus the tubes). Once dry, connect the engine to the mains for two hours until fully charged. To assemble all parts, follow the instructions provided in detail. Finally, to start expressing breast milk, simply insert the funnel into your breast in the best and most comfortable way possible and press the start button. For greater comfort, you can increase or decrease the suction intensity. Finally, before changing the extraction to the other breast, pause the device and turn it on again after replacing the funnel. In the end, all you have to do is turn everything off, store your extracted milk and disinfect all the utensils again.

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