ISDIN Woman Isdin Vaginal Moisturizer 12x6ml (12x0.20fl oz)
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ISDIN Woman Isdin Vaginal Moisturizer 12x6ml (12x0.20fl oz)

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ISDIN Woman Isdin Vaginal Moisturizer is a vaginal gel-cream for the non-hormonal treatment of vaginal dryness and atrophy.


ISDIN Woman Isdin Vaginal Moisturizer is a hydrating vaginal gel-cream that offers relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness and atrophy, lack of lubrication, and pain during sexual intercourse. Infused with the hydrating and lubricating properties of actives such as polyglyceryl methacrylate and glycerin, this non-hormonal product increases the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa and immediately relieves itching and burning sensations, increasing the comfort and well-being of the intimate area.

  • Texture: gel-cream;
  • Skin issues: vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, lack of lubrication, pain during sexual intercourse;
  • Time of application: three times a week;
  • Age: 30+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: offers immediate and sustained hydration, reduces itching and burning sensations, increases the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa, creates a protective film over the skin, does not affect condom integrity;
  • Formulated without: hormones.
Main Ingredients
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  • Polyglyceryl methacrylate offers a filmogenic, hydrating, and water-soluble lubricant action;
  • Glycerin is a known humectant and lubricant.
How to use

Apply a single dose of ISDIN Woman Isdin Vaginal Moisturizer three times a week on alternating days, preferably before bedtime, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.