invisibobble Everclaw Leo Love x1
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invisibobble Everclaw Leo Love x1


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invisibobble Everclaw Leo Love x1 displays an innovative design that blends style, convenience, and performance to upgrade your hairstyling game.


invisibobble Everclaw Leo Love x1 is a revolutionary hair accessory that will change the way you style your hair! Specifically, this innovative hair claw combines style, functionality, and comfort to give you the ultimate look. To begin with, this claw features the exclusive HAIRLOVETECH™ and is 100% metal-free. In this way, it minimizes hair damage and pressure to the hair while also reducing visible marks. At the same time, it features the new Polyspring technology, ensuring a strong yet comfortable grip. Therefore, it keeps your hair in place all day long so you can confidently tackle your activities without worrying about your hair falling out of place. Equally important, the acetate material of this accessory ensures a robust and durable design so you can use it for a long time.

Even though excellent functionality is at the core of this accessory, it was also designed with fashion in mind. With a subtle leopard print, the eye-catching design certainly adds a touch of style, perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Even more, regardless of your hair color, type, or style, this hair claw suits anyone. In conclusion, this unique accessory brings a modern twist to the traditional hair claw. Surely a must-have, it offers an extremely stylish accessory with high wearing comfort and stability.

  • Good for: all hair types;
  • Presentation: one metal-free claw of acetate material with a leopard print.
How to use

Use invisibobble Everclaw Leo Love x1 on your hair to hold your hair and create a stylish hairstyle.