Heliocare 360 Body Glow Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml (3.38floz)
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Heliocare 360 Body Glow Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml (3.38floz)


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Heliocare 360º Body Glow Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml offers very high sun protection with a natural golden glow, perfect for enhancing and safeguarding skin under the sun.


Heliocare 360º Body Glow Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml provides photoprotection for the body while enhancing the skin with a radiant golden finish. To begin with, this product features an SPF of 50+ and PA++++ rating and provides broad-spectrum protection, guarding the skin against not only UV radiation but also infrared and visible light, including blue light. The formula includes Fernblock®+, an extract known for its powerful antioxidant properties that help fight sun damage. Moreover, the sunscreen is water, sweat, and sand resistant, making it an excellent choice for active days out, whether at the beach or during sports.

But what sets this product apart is its golden sparkling finish! The innovative formula combines sun protection with a blend of six mica minerals, to give all skin tones a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Furthermore, this sunscreen is crafted with a unique creamy oil gel texture that is easy to distribute and quickly absorbed. This sunscreen is particularly ideal during the initial days of sun exposure, offering very high protection as it beautifies the skin. It is equally effective on tanned skin, as the glow effect beautifully complements any skin tone. In summary, its broad-spectrum coverage and beautiful golden finish make it an essential skincare product for anyone looking to combine sun protection with a desirable aesthetic effect.

  • Color: golden;
  • Texture: oil gel;
  • Skin issues: sun exposure;
  • Time of application: before and during sun exposure, as necessary;
  • Age: 12+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin;
  • Main benefits: protects against UVB, UVA, infrared, and visible light, gives the skin a luminous golden sheen, offers antioxidant properties, is resistant to water, sweat, and sand.
Main Ingredients
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  • Fernblock®+ is an extract of Polypodium leucotomos, a tropical fern that developed a natural mechanism to protect itself from solar radiation. As such, this ingredient increases the skin's resistance to sunburn besides helping to fight DNA damage. It provides, in essence, antiaging, antioxidant, and also protective benefits from UVB, UVA, visible light, and infrared;
  • Mica is a mineral that provides a pearlescent effect to impart a radiant finish to the skin.
How to use

Shake before use. Apply Heliocare 360º Body Glow Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml generously and evenly before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, every 2 hours or after swimming, toweling, or perspiring. May stain clothing.