Garnier Nutrisse Crème Permanent Hair Dye
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Garnier Nutrisse Crème Permanent Hair Dye

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Garnier Nutrisse Crème Permanent Hair Dye offers a striking long-lasting color with a shiny and natural finish thanks to its nourishing formula.


Garnier Nutrisse Crème Permanent Hair Dye is a permanent hair dye solution with ultra-nourishing properties that allows you to achieve professional-like quality without leaving the comfort of your house. In fact, the Garnier Nutrisse Crème delivers a natural-looking and rich color result every time. Its efficient formula is able to completely cover grey hair and has a long-lasting power, as well. Furthermore, the Garnier Nutrisse Crème range focuses on ensuring a beautiful and intense result through the power of a hydrating composition. Therefore, each package also comes with a unique After Colour Conditioner. This product is infused with a nourishing blend of four different botanical oils that provide hydration and prevent breakage. The result? Hair that is extra shiny, silky, strong and that has a striking color.

The box contains:

  • 1 instructions leaflet;
  • 1 pair of gloves;
  • 1 developer crème;
  • 1 colorant crème;
  • 1 mini conditioner.
  • Powerful color playoff with a natural-looking and long-lasting result;
  • Covers up to 100% of grey hair, thus ensuring a uniform color;
  • Ultra-nourishing after-color conditioner for stronger, shinier, and silky hair;
  • Non-drip formula, thus making sure it doesn't run to your skin or eyes;
  • Pleasant fruity and fresh scent.
  • Always perform a patch-test 48 hours before you color your hair. To this end, use a cotton swab to apply a tiny amount of the colorant cream to the skin behind your ear and do not rinse. If you don't develop a rash, you're good to go;
  • Don't wash your hair prior to applying color. In fact, the ideal situation is to keep it unwashed for at least 24h prior to coloring to ensure your natural sebum protects the scalp;
  • If any product gets in your skin, wipe it away immediately using a damp towel;
  • If you have a lot of grey hair, make sure you start from the front;
  • When you're washing your hair during the process, make sure you use an old towel to dry it, given that some color may still bleed and ruin it;
  • While you're handling the color mix, never take your gloves off;
  • Do not use any remainings of the color mix, after you've used it, throw any leftover product onto the bin trash (except for the conditioner, which you can use afterward);
  • If you're indecisive between two colors, always go for the lighter one;
  • All in all, the color you will obtain is always dependant on the color you had previously.
How to use

In order to properly color your hair and after you have performed the patch test 48h before, gather the following items:

  • 1 hairbrush;
  • 1 hair clip that can hold all your hair;
  • 1 old towel and something to clip it on the front;
  • 1 bottle of moisturizing cream.

Then, follow the steps carefully to ensure maximum security a color payoff:

  • Firstly, apply the moisturizer near the hairline to ensure that you won't stain the skin;
  • Secondly, put the towel on your shoulders, secure it tightly, and comb through your dry hair;
  • Then, put your gloves on, and mix the colorant cream into the developer cream bottle. Make sure you shake it well to mix both formulas;
  • Apply the product to your scalp, section by section, and making sure you massage it onto the hair. Then, put a small quantity on your hands and apply it to the hair lengths and ends, thus making sure all the hair has been covered in the product. At this point, pull your hair up and clip it, leaving it on 25 to 35 minutes, as stated on the instructions;
  • Now, it's time to rinse the color. Similarly, you should keep your gloves on, as you're still dealing with the color product. Massage the product and emulsify it with a bit of water, and then proceed to rinse it until the water comes out clean. Apply a hazelnut amount of conditioner to your hair, leave it on for two minutes and finally rinse it thoroughly;
  • In any event, you're now ready to style your hair as you like.