Garnier Narta Protection 5 48h Antiperspirant Roll-On 50ml (1.69floz)
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Garnier Narta Protection 5 48h Antiperspirant Roll-On 50ml (1.69floz)

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Garnier Narta Protection 5 48h Antiperspirant Roll-On delivers efficient freshness while taking care of both your skin and clothes.


Garnier Narta Protection 5 48h Antiperspirant Roll-On is a multipurpose formula that helps you target five problems at the same time through just one product. On one side, the Narta Protection 5 focuses on addressing both odor-causing bacteria and humidity. In fact, this antiperspirant is able to offer you an up to 48 hours effect. You will be able to go on about your day with the confidence that you will be fresh until the night. Furthermore, infused with antiperspirant active ingredients, this product also prevents the development of sweaty stains on your clothes. At the same time, with alcohol and paraben-free composition, the Narta Protection 5 Antiperspirant is gentle with the skin on every application. This deodorant does not cause any sort of irritation and reaction. Moreover, besides taking care of your skin, this product also takes care of your clothes. The Narta Protection 5 has a smart technology that does not leave white or yellow stains. We are talking about a composition that respects fabric fiber and does not have any damaging effects. Your favorites clothes will last longer while you enjoy a comfortable dry and fresh sensation.

  • Texture: roll-on cream;
  • Skin issues: antiperspirant, odor-fighting, skin protection, sensitive underarm skin, no-stain effect;
  • Time of application: once a day;
  • Age: 13+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: a formula that targets five problems at the same time, unpleasant odor, humidity, sensitive skin, white and yellow stains;
  • Formulated without: alcohol and parabens.
  • Aluminium chlorohydrate, a chemically synthesized active ingredient, acts in the ducts of the sweat glands to reduce sweat secretion, all the while providing the skin with antibacterial effects.
How to use

Apply Garnier Narta Protection 5 48h Antiperspirant Roll-On directly on clean and dry skin. Apply by sliding the inbuilt round applicator on your armpit’s skin with back and forth movements. Stop once you have covered the whole area with a thin layer of deodorant. Then, let the formula dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

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