Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye 7.43 Turmeric Copper
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Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye 7.43 Turmeric Copper is an easy solution for dying your hair at home, with a vegan and natural formula that presents a non-dripping mask texture.


Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye 7.43 Turmeric Copper is a permanent hair dye that offers a stress-free application thanks to its unique features. To begin with, the texture of this product is very distinctive. It has a thick mask-like texture so you can apply it as a mask, and a non-drip technology. As easy as it gets, you apply the product on the hair and you're good to go on with your life while the color develops. Moreover, the formula provides 100% grey coverage and long-lasting color with beautiful tones and highlights. Keep in mind in grey hair, the color will appear lighter.

It has a luxurious fragrance of sandalwood, goji berry, and orchid to enjoy its application to the fullest. In addition, this kit comes with a Silk and Shine conditioner, rich in nourishing Shea butter, that leaves the hair beautiful and healthy-looking. Last but not least, the formula is free of ammonia and silicones, vegan, and contains 90% natural-origin ingredients. In conclusion, this hair dye is the ultimate product for an easy coloring experience in the comfort of your own home. 

The box contains:

  • GOOD mixing pot;
  • Wooden spatula;
  • Pair of gloves;
  • Instructions sheet;
  • Developer cream;
  • Colorant cream;
  • Silk and shine conditioner.

Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye 7.43 Turmeric Copper guarantees long-lasting color.

  • Color: 7.43 Turmeric Copper;
  • 100% grey coverage;
  • Free of ammonia, silicones, alcohol, and ingredients of animal origin;
  • Contains a delightful fragrance of sandalwood, goji berry, and orchid;
  • Non-dripping formula.

Hair colorations can cause allergic reactions, which can be severe. Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye 7.43 Turmeric Copper can only be used on head hair. Application on other areas may cause serious reactions (allergies and burns, blindness if the product is used on the eyelashes and eyebrows). Always do an allergy test 48 hours before using the product.

Do not color your hair if:

  • You have a skin rash on the face or if your scalp is experiencing sensitivity, irritation, or is damaged.
  • You have already had a reaction after coloring your hair.
  • You have already had a reaction to a black henna temporary tattoo or have dyed your hair with henna.
How to use
  • In the first coloration in long or dense hair, it is recommended to use 2 packs.
  • For optimal results, this hair dye process should be performed on hair in good condition.
  • After a perm or a straightening treatment, it is advisable to wait for 2 to 3 weeks before coloring the hair and perform a strand test before coloring the hair.
  • Before applying, remove all jewelry from the hands and do not use any metallic object in or around your hair.
  • To avoid staining, apply moisturizing cream in the face contour, near the hairline, and on the ears.


!! Safety Instructions !! Consider carrying out an allergy test on the skin, 48 hours before each use, even if you have colored your hair before. To do so, use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of coloring cream behind your ear. Do not touch, cover, or wash the area. If any sort of reaction occurs, do not use this hair dye.
Remember about placing a protective towel on your shoulders, preferably in a dark color (possibility of staining).
Wear disposable gloves and use them throughout the entire coloring process.

  • Pour the colorant and the developer sachets into the pot.
  • Mix with the spatula provided.

(on DRY hair)

  • 1. Apply a moisturizing cream to your hairline to avoid staining.
  • 2. Apply the mixture on the roots and lengths, like a mask.
  • 3. Leave it for 30 minutes, as stated in the instructions, depending on the result you want to achieve.
  • 4. Then, rinse until the water runs clear.
  • 6. Apply the Silk and Shine Conditioner.
  • 7. Rinse again.
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