Flormar Water-Drop Blender Flower 03
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Flormar Water-Drop Blender Flower 03

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Flormar Water-Drop Blender Sponge was specially created to easily apply liquid makeup offering a smooth and flawless result each time.


Flormar Water-Drop Blender Sponge is an efficient solution to effortlessly apply liquid makeup products with a flawless finish. Whether we are talking about foundation or concealer, this applicator promises to uncomplicate your routine thanks to its multiple benefits. On one side, we are talking about a tool made entirely from silicone. This material is perfect to apply liquid formulas because it does not absorb product, avoiding any kind of waste. Moreover, it is equally easy to clean ensuring a hygienic application every time. This prevents breakouts, infections, and all types of problems caused by the consistent accumulation of makeup residue and dirt on brushes. Simultaneously, the Flormar Water Drop Blender has a convenient and practical shape that offers an always-easy use experience. Thanks to its water-drop flexible shape, this applicator fits perfectly all the curves of your features. Use the narrow part to apply makeup on the hard-to-reach areas, and the wider part to quickly cover parts of your face like the cheeks and the forehead. Lastly, the Water Drop Blender mixes the efficiency of a competent tool with the beauty of an aesthetically pleasing design. With three different cute illustrations, this makeup sponge promises to make your complexion look perfect while looking good on your makeup bag.

  • Good for: smoothly applying liquid makeup like foundation or concealer, reaching narrow face parts thanks to the tipped shape, effortless and hygienic make-up application;
  • Presentation: a water drop-shaped silicone sponge with a beautiful illustration in the middle.
How to use

UseFlormar Water-Drop Blender Sponge to apply liquid makeup formulas like foundation or concealer. After your skincare routine, wait for the moisturizer to completely dry. Then, apply a few dots of the makeup product you wish to use on the designated areas. As previously mentioned, this silicone sponge does not absorb any of the formula, so you will be needing much less product than usual. Carefully spread the makeup product with pushing motions.