Flormar Shading Brush
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Flormar Shading Brush


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Flormar Shading Brush is the perfect tool to apply darker shades and blend in eye pencil in order to achieve a smoky eye look.


Flormar Shading Brush is going to make a striking smoky eye a much easier look to achieve. In fact, thanks to its dense and short bristle structure, this brush delivers a flawless distribution of darker shades. Forget the mess that working with darker colors usually creates. The Flormar Shading Brush allows you to apply eyeshadow with precision, ease, and without dispersing of pigment. In addition to that, this brush also offers a professional quality shading and a meticulous application. Even more, it is also perfect to create a luxurious eyeliner, enhance the lash line or blend in perfectly any eye pencil, as well. With the Flormar Shading Brush, rocking a trendy smoky eye is easier and quicker.

  • Good for: applying and shading darker colors, creating a smoky eye look, smudging eye pencil lines, enhancing the lash line;
  • Presentation: long handle with rose gold details and a dense short bristle structure on top.
How to use

To create a trendy smoky eye, apply an eye pencil or a dark eyeshadow shade close to the lash line. Then, with the Flormar Shading Brush start blending gently until you have achieved the desired result. You may also use this brush to just slightly smudge any line.