Flormar Multi-Purpose Blending Sponge
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Flormar Multi-Purpose Blending Sponge


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Flormar Multi-Purpose Blending Sponge is an essential makeup tool to apply and blend liquid makeup.


Flormar Multi-Purpose Blending Sponge is a makeup accessory that grants an easy and flawless makeup application. The shape of the sponge is designed to facilitate the application and enhance the final makeup result. In addition, the sponge features a precision tip that perfectly fits all the edges of the face, allowing a uniform application. In order to achieve a natural result, damp the sponge before using. Besides granting an impeccable result, the sponge absorbs less liquid makeup. The sponge is an essential makeup tool to achieve natural as well as glamorous looks!

  • Good for: applying and blending liquid and cream makeup products;
  • Presentation: pink sponge.
How to use

Use the Flormar Multi-Purpose Blending Sponge to apply and blend liquid and cream foundations, concealers or even cream highlighter and blush. Start by damping the sponge and squeeze out the excess water. Then, use bouncing motions to flawlessly blend the makeup onto the skin. If applying concealer, use the precision tip to reach every corner of the eyes.