Flormar CC Cream SPF20
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Flormar CC Cream SPF20

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Flormar CC Cream SPF20 is a complexion corrector cream that provides extra moisture and protection while improving your skin's appearance.


Flormar CC Cream SPF20 is a color-correcting cream available in different shades that target specific concerns – dark circles, dullness, redness or fatigue. As the name itself suggests, a CC Cream helps to balance, conceal, and even your complexion. Unlike a BB Cream, a CC Cream provides a deeper coverage and it disguises more effectively any imperfections. It does so by resorting to opposite colors on the color wheel. The Flormar CC Cream range is formulated with microencapsulation technology and therefore ensures optimal coverage and uniform result. This product also serves multiple purposes. On one side, it possesses SPF20 providing protection against harmful sun rays and preventing the aging effects resulting from sun exposure. At the same time, this a nourishing formula that ensures a deep level of hydration throughout the day. To activate these benefits, rub this creamy formula on the face so it releases its concealing pigments and moisturizing abilities. You will be left with a radiant uniform look, perfect for those days that you are running out of time or do not feel like applying a full face of makeup. The Flormar CC Cream is suitable for all skin types and should be applied after your daily skin care routine.

  • Coverage: sheer;
  • Finish: natural;
  • Texture: liquid;
  • Good for: all skin types, provides extra coverage;
  • SPF: 20;
  • Presentation: squeezing tube.
How to use

Apply Flormar CC Cream SPF20 after your daily care routine directly on the skin rubbing it in for maximum absorption and optimal result.