Finishing Touch Flawless™ Facial Hair Remover White
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Finishing Touch Flawless™ Facial Hair Remover White

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Finishing Touch Flawless™ Facial Hair Remover White removes unwanted hair on your face ensuring maximum comfort and preventing irritation, redness, nicks, and burns.


Finishing Touch Flawless™ Facial Hair Remover White consists of a facial hair remover that ensures that your entire face is hair free, softer and without any type of irritation. Notably, this electric device features a microscopic Spinning Technology that removes even the finest of hairs without redness or irritation to the skin. In this way, this device becomes a painless, practical, and accurate alternative to plucking and waxing. So you can be flawless anywhere, anytime! Furthermore, facial hair, through this device, grows neither thicker nor darker. In turn, being gentle and dermatologically approved, it is also suitable for all skin types.

This facial hair remover features an 18K gold plated hypoallergenic head perfect for sensitive areas of the face. Plus, its built-in light makes it easy to see and removes every single hair from the upper lip, cheek, chin, eyebrows or anywhere without nicks, burns, or irritation. Finally, its format is very discreet and elegant so that you can use it wherever you are. Also running on an AA battery, it can really be used for a long time without the hassle of having to recharge it using electrical outlets.

All in all, this electric facial hair remover ensures that the skin of your face is left without any unwanted hair and smoother. In turn, this creates a perfect canvas ensuring a more even makeup application. On top of all this, this lipstick format becomes both discreet and adds an exquisite touch to your skincare routine.

  • Good for: remove unwanted hair on your face in a practical, effective, and painless way;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: removes unwanted facial hair ensuring the greatest possible comfort, without causing irritation or cuts; has an 18K gold plated hypoallergenic head suitable for more sensitive areas of the face; has a technology that microscopically removes hair; it has a compact, lightweight and easily transportable format;
  • Time of application: when needed;
  • Power source: AA batteries;
  • This pack contains*: one white handle, one AA battery and a small brush.
  • *Subject to change according to brand.

How to use

First, remove the Finishing Touch Flawless™ Facial Hair Remover White cap and slide the switch located on the side of the unit upward into the ON position. The light will automatically turn on when the unit is ON. Then, gently press the head of the unit flat against your skin without making any angle, always keeping it straight. Then make small circular motions to remove unwanted hair. It is normal for the head to become warm with use. At the end, use the brush provided and clean the hairs inside the device.