essence Nails In Style 10 Marbellous x12
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essence Nails In Style 10 Marbellous x12

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essence Nails In Style 10 Marbellous x12 gives you a quick and simple application of artificial nails so you have stylish nails with no effort.


essence Nails In Style 10 Marbellous x12 offers the most practical way to change your manicure! That said, this product consists of artificial nails with adhesive tabs. In particular, this set contains 12 pieces of artificial nails that present a marble effect and a ballerina shape for a marvelous look! This product provides style to the nails in no time, delivering a professional look without going to the beauty salon. Furthermore, the process is very simple and fast and in just a few seconds you can have your dream nails. Also, as they are fake nails, you don't have to compromise on style and you can switch whenever you want. In this way, you will be ready to shine without any commitment or the hassle of having to use nail polish remover or wait for your nails to dry!

Equally important, they are very versatile. You can shorten and adapt edges with a nail file, if necessary. And besides, you can use them plain or as a base for any nail polish. In other words, you can paint the artificial nails with a nail polish of your choice. All in all, this set of artificial nails will look spectacular on your fingers. Whether for everyday use or a glamorous occasion, your nails will marvel anyone!

  • Benefits: provides a beauty-salon-like manicure in a few seconds, easy to apply and remove.
How to use

Apply essence Nails In Style 10 Marbellous x12 to clean nails. Choose the ideal size for each finger of your hand. Firstly, take the adhesive tab and press it on the nail for ten seconds until it adheres to the nail. Then, remove the protective film and apply the artificial nail, pressing firmly. Repeat pressing down after every hand wash. To remove, place the hands into warm water with soap e gently remove the artificial nails. Remove any glue residue with a nail polish remover.

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