Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder
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Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder

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Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder has a mattifying velvet finish that sets all your makeup for a long time. In addition, it controls the production of oil in the skin.


Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder is a loose powder with the power to set your makeup for a long time. Specifically, this translucent powder is suitable for setting all types of makeup as well as all skin types. Furthermore, it leaves a velvety finish on the skin and prevents excess oil and sebum from appearing on the surface. In turn, after applying, your skin will look more polished and your makeup will be protected. For this, just use a fluffy and wide brush to apply the powder all over your face and that's it! Your makeup look is fixed and your entire skin gains a velvety mattifying effect. Finally, this powder has some pigments with color but when applied to the skin they gain a translucent effect.

  • Finish: velvet;
  • Texture: loose powder;
  • Good for: all skin types, mattifying the skin and fixing the makeup look;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: jar with loose powder;
  • Formulated without: fragrance.
Main Ingredients
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  • Talc allows the makeup to be set without adding any colour and has a mattifying effect;
  • Zinc Stearate has a high ability to increase the duration of powders on your skin because it improves its grip qualities by leaving the pigments close together in the skin.
How to use

Apply Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder onto your skin using a practical brush or powder puff.