Chicco Perfumed Bracelet 3+ Years x1
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Chicco Perfumed Bracelet 3+ Years x1


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Chicco Perfumed Bracelet 3+ Years x1 is a fun and colorful bracelet for the entire family that is infused with a long-lasting citronella fragrance.


Chicco Perfumed Bracelet 3+ Years x1 is a versatile accessory for the entire family, for the age of three and up. It offers both style and function in a fun, colorful package. Made of silicone, the bracelet has an adaptable spiral shape that can be comfortably worn on the wrist, ankle, or even used to tie up the hair. Thanks to its malleability, this bracelet is suitable for the whole family. But this bracelet isn't just about the vibrant colors that add a pop to any outfit. Infused with a delicate and long-lasting citronella fragrance, it becomes an ideal accessory for outdoor activities. Whether your family is going camping, hiking, or simply spending an afternoon in the park, this bracelet contributes to a more pleasant outdoor experience. Additionally, it is water-resistant, making it great for pool days and beach outings.

Moreover, to help keep the fragrance fresh, the bracelet comes in a resealable bag. When not in use, simply place it back in the packaging to help maintain its scent for an extended period. In summary, this bracelet is an all-around excellent choice for families who want to combine fashion with practicality. Its durable, waterproof design, combined with a natural citronella fragrance, makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. The vibrant colors add a joyful touch to any outfit. To top it all off, the resealable packaging ensures the bracelet stays fresh for future use, making it a great choice for longer-term enjoyment.

  • Good for: using on the wrists, ankles, or hair while outdoors;
  • Presentation: one silicone bracelet (randomly selected color) in a resealable package.
How to use

Wear the Chicco Perfumed Bracelet 3+ Years x1 on the wrists or ankles, or use it to tie up the hair. When the bracelet is not in use, place it inside the resealable packaging, in order to preserve its original scent for longer.