Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ x90
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Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ x90


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Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ x90 boast a special shape that helps to protect your baby's eardrums.


Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ x90 provide the utmost care during your newborn's ear hygiene routine. These soft and flexible cotton buds come with an innovative feature—ear cleaning protection. So, you can confidently clean the external parts of your baby’s ears while protecting the delicate inner ear structures. In fact, the standout feature is the special shape of the buds. This specific design with a thicker base serves as a precautionary measure that helps the parents not insert the cotton buds too deep, protecting both the eardrum and the inner parts of the ear. This way, you can keep your baby's ears clean in a safe and effective manner.

When it comes to material, these cotton buds are made from 100% biodegradable cotton. This is a material that is soft to the touch, making it ideal for a newborn's sensitive and delicate skin. Moreover, practicality is another benefit that these cotton buds offer. The small size means that they are easily portable, so they can be tucked into your changing bag effortlessly. So, this ensures that you'll always have this hygiene and baby care tool at hand whenever you're on the go. Whether you're at home or out and about, these cotton buds are a versatile and invaluable addition to your baby care arsenal.

To sum it up, if you're in search of a reliable option for maintaining your newborn's ear hygiene, these cotton buds offer the complete package. Their soft and flexible ends ensure your child’s comfort, while the special shape allows for protection. Keep them in your changing bag and you'll never be without this crucial baby care item.

  • Good for: cleaning the external area of the baby's ears;
  • Presentation: one box containing 90 cotton buds.
How to use

Use Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ x90 to clean only the external part of the child's ears.