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Chicco Brush And Comb 0m+
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Chicco Brush And Comb 0m+

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Chicco Brush And Comb 0m+ is a set that contains a brush and comb, designed for brushing the baby's hair in a safe and gentle manner.


Chicco Brush And Comb 0m+ is a grooming kit that serves the needs of infants right from birth. It contains a brush and comb so that you can brush, detangle, and style your baby's hair.

Both the brush and the comb feature wide anti-slip handles, making it easier for parents to maintain a firm grip while tending to their baby's grooming needs. This feature minimizes the risk of accidental slips that could be discomforting or harmful to the baby. The brush in the set is engineered to glide smoothly through your baby's fine hair, without causing any irritation. In fact, it boasts soft and natural bristles that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin. These bristles are soft enough to use even on newborns, ensuring that you can start your baby on a grooming routine from day one. When it comes to the comb, safety is also a major consideration. The teeth of the comb are designed with rounded edges to prevent any damage to the skin. This design reduces the risk of scratching or hurting your baby during the grooming process.

So, by offering these specialized features, this grooming set combines practicality with comfort. It allows parents to take care of their baby's grooming needs in the most gentle way possible. Whether you are combing your baby's hair for the first time or incorporating grooming into a bedtime routine, this set provides a safe and effective solution. In summary, it's a must-have accessory for new parents, ensuring the comfort and safety of their little one's grooming regimen from day one.

  • Ideal for: combing, detangling, and styling the baby's hair;
  • Special features: both the brush and comb have anti-slip handles, the brush has soft and natural bristles, the comb's teeth have rounded edges;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Includes: 1x brush and 1x comb.
How to use

Use the Chicco Brush And Comb 0m+ to brush your baby's hair during the hygiene routine or whenever necessary.