Booby Tape Double Sided Tape x36
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Booby Tape Double Sided Tape x36

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Booby Tape Double Sided Tape x36 is a fashion tape that helps your pieces of clothing stay in place, preventing you from showing any unwanted skin.


Booby Tape Double Sided Tape x36 is the ultimate wardrobe fixer you didn't know you needed. For all those moments when your clothing item just doesn't sit right or when unexpected gaps appear, this fashion tape will help you solve those problems. It ensures your piece of clothing remains in place, eliminating the all-too-familiar problem of gaping. So, this double-sided fashion tape is waterproof and transparent, ensuring its durability and adaptability to any outfit. Regarding composition, its adhesive is 100% acrylic. It boasts superior stickiness and thickness, so that once applied, it easily adheres your clothing to your skin. Therefore, it eliminates the chances of those unwanted gaps, particularly when you're on the move, bending, or shifting positions. No more unexpected wardrobe malfunctions or continually adjusting your outfit!

Pairing this with the original Booby Tape offers an unbeatable combination for your dressing needs. While Booby Tape lifts and supports your breasts, especially when donning those challenging outfits where bras are a no-go, this double-sided tape ensures the piece of clothing stays in place and doesn't allow the tape or any other unwanted parts to be seen. In summary, this tape is an accessory that allows you to wear your favorite clothing pieces with confidence. Whether it's a high-profile event or any other occasion, make sure your outfit stays exactly where you want it to be. With this tape in your fashion arsenal, you're always dressed to impress.

  • Good for: securing the clothing items to the skin, preventing from showing unwanted areas when moving or bending;
  • Presentation: 36 strips of double-sided fashion tape.
How to use

Before applying Booby Tape Double Sided Tape x36, make sure the skin is clean and free from moisturizers or any other products. Position the necessary strips of tape on the inside edge of the clothing item. Then, remove the protective liner and firmly press the clothing to the skin to ensure adherence. Do not use if the skin is irritated, sunburned, or damaged.