Bioclin Bio-Volume Volumizing Shampoo Thin Hair 200ml (6.76 fl oz)
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Bioclin Bio-Volume Volumizing Shampoo Thin Hair 200ml (6.76 fl oz)


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Bioclin Bio-Volume Volumizing Shampoo Thin Hair 200ml (6.76 fl oz) is ideal for thin hair as it provides full volume and body to the hair while deeply cleansing it.


Bioclin Bio-Volume Volumizing Shampoo Thin Hair 200ml (6.76 fl oz) is a shampoo designed for thin hair as it improves hair volume and completely restructures it. Due to Moretta Di Vignola Cherry Extract in its formula, this mask adopts antioxidant functions and protects and strengthens the hair and scalp. Furthermore, it also leaves the hair shiny and smooth. At the same time, Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract provides a full detox and fills the hair with moisture so that the volumizing effect shows. In fact, clinical studies show that Pisum Sativum is responsible for an increase of 43% in volume and brightness and 70% in softness. Thanks to its sensory and gentle texture it is adequate for sensitive scalps. With 91,2% of ingredients of natural origin and a floral fruity fragrance, this shampoo makes the showering routine a delight. It is adequate for frequent use, even daily.

  • Texture: liquid;
  • Hair issues: regular cleansing, hair thinning, lack of volume;
  • Time of application: shower or bath;
  • Age: 16+;
  • Hair type: thin hair;
  • Main benefits: cleanses the hair and scalp, enhances hair volume, restructures the hair, boosts hair brightness, moisturizes, prevents split ends is suitable for sensitive scalps;
  • Formulated without: coloring, wheat derivatives, SLES and SLS.
Main Ingredients
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  • Moretta Di Vignola Cherry Extract contains vitamin C, rich in antioxidants that strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair breakage;
  • Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract contribute to hair growth as it feeds essential nutrients and antioxidants to the hair and scalp. Thus, it refreshes the hair from the root.
How to use

Apply Bioclin Bio-Volume Volumizing Shampoo Thin Hair 200ml (6.76 fl oz) to wet hair and scalp. Firstly, spread evenly all over the hair. Then. gently massage it and let it sit for two to three minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly.