Ardell Naked Lashes 426 x1 Pair
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Ardell Naked Lashes 426 x1 Pair

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the brand and will no longer be available on our website.
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Ardell Naked Lashes 426 x1 Pair offer medium length and volume to your natural lashes.


Ardell Naked Lashes 426 x1 Pair includes a pair of false eyelashes that complement your natural lashes with medium volume and length and a feathery look. The fibers are arranged in different layers which improves any look, either day or night! On top of that, they are extremely lightweight. In fact, they are made from 100% vegan human hair fibers which are more lightweight than regular synthetic lashes. Hence they feel comfortable and look natural. These lashes are shorter on the side and longer in the center to enhance the length and curve. Therefore, they make the eyes bigger and rounder just like a doll. If you want some volume but do not want a dramatic look, just trust these lashes.

There is no secret when applying them, they apply easily! Whether you are a pro when it comes to applying false eyelashes or if this is your first time, don't worry. They take no time! Lastly, they can be reusable. The package does not include glue.

  • Color family: black;
  • Good for: providing medium length and volume to your natural lashes;
  • Longevity: long-lasting and reusable;
  • Presentation: packaging with eyelashes.
How to use

Remove Ardell Naked Lashes 426 x1 Pair from the packaging, using your fingers or tweezers. Firstly, align the band with the natural lash line to measure the width of the lid. Secondly, trim the outer edge excess if necessary. Thirdly, apply a thin line of adhesive along the band and let it set for 30 seconds. Then, secure the lash band against the natural lash line and press gently. Finally, to remove, carefully pull the lash from the outer edge and remove the glue from the band. Store them in the box and reuse them.

To make sure the eyelashes last longer, do not sleep with them and do not put on too much mascara.