A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream
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A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream

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A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream relies on a 100% natural formula to soothe sensitive and irritation-prone skin, encouraging quick cell renewal as well as increasing personal comfort.


A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream relies on a fully natural formula to soothe irritation issues and rebalance the skin pH levels. Thanks to the detoxifying combination of Copper-Zinc Sulfates and Rhealba Oat Plantlet Extract, this is a great option to speed up skin repair. Moreover, its moisturizing and nutritive texture increases personal comfort, alleviating congested as well as extra sensitive areas. Meanwhile, its vegan properties suit all skin types and all ages, adapting to your face and body for maximum protection. Besides, this rich cream strengthens weaker tissues, enhancing the skin's protective barrier against all sorts of external threats, such as damaging free radicals.

Waterproof and allowing you to benefit from a non-greasy finish, this is particularly helpful to reduce redness on your hands and around the delicate mouth/lip areas. Deeply skin-replenishing, it also addresses dry patches and irritation due to long periods of breastfeeding. Finally, this cream was created under dermatological, pediatric, gynecological, and ophthalmological supervision. Thus, its non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula is extremely safe to use, treating skin-tightness feelings under any circumstance.

  • Texture: rich cream;
  • Skin issues: redness, sensitivity, compromised skin barrier, environmental aggressions, irritation, dryness, dehydration, uneven skin texture;
  • Time of application: up to three times a day on particularly irritated areas;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: relieves feelings of skin-tightness, protects the skin against all sorts of environmental threats, suits both your body and face, adapts to all ages/skin types, increases personal comfort instantly, balances the skin's pH levels for, reduces the risk of allergic reactions, confers optimal moisture levels, alleviates dry patches, targets irritation issues related to breastfeeding routines, 100% natural/vegan, water-resistant;
  • Formulated without: fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, animal origin ingredients.
Main Ingredients
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  • Glycerin is an excellent moisturizing agent and naturally a source of endless benefits. From improving skin's resiliency to enabling the penetration of other ingredients and reducing irritation, it takes center stage as an indispensable element in skincare;
  • Rhealba® Oat Seed Extract combines powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Thus, it excels at maintaining the skin barrier’s integrity, protecting from a vast array of external threats. At the same time, it diminishes redness as well as scaliness, promoting a more harmonious appearance;
  • A natural antioxidant, Sunflower Seed Oil is high in Linoleic Acid as well as vitamin E, preventing skin cell damage. Essentially, it forms a protective barrier to shield your complexion from harmful UV rays;
  • Jojoba Seed Oil is a moisturizing ingredient with restorative qualities that does not leave a greasy feeling behind;
  • Copper and Zinc Sulfates shield the skin from UV damage, acting as antioxidant elements. Together, these reduce the risk of bacterial proliferation;
  • Lastly, Tocopherol - better known as vitamin E - is an antioxidant that shields the epidermis from harmful free radicals. Besides, it has stellar moisturizing qualities.
How to use

Apply a generous portion of A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing CICA-Cream on especially irritated areas that need extra care. Massage the cream delicately up to three times a day to achieve optimal results, speeding up the skin regeneration process. Then, allow for full absorption. When applying the formula to the nipple area, make sure to cleanse it abundantly before breastfeeding. Finally, explore the rest of A-Derma's skincare options in order to fully pamper/improve sensitive skin.