Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel
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Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel

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Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel, with soothing and moisturizing properties, is a cleansing gel ideal for all family.


Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel is a cleansing solution with soothing and moisturizing properties. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, this special formula promises to gently eliminate all impurities while respecting the hydrolipidic film. In fact, the Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel resorts to Moisturizing and Superfatting Agents to ensure optimal levels of hydration and comfort, simultaneously. Moreover, the presence of Uriage Thermal Water, an all-natural ingredient, relieves sensations of discomfort through powerful soothing benefits. As a result, after each application, the skin is not only fresh and purified but also smooth and nourished.

As a last note, the Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel is equally an extremely convenient cleansing solution. Besides being perfect for the whole family, this product is suitable for both the face and body.

  • Texture: gel;
  • Skin issues: dryness, sensitive skin;
  • Time of application: during shower or bath;
  • Age: 6 months+;
  • Skin type: all skin tyoes, including sensitive skin;
  • Main benefits: cleans, moisturizes and soothes the skin;
  • Formulated without: soap.
Main Ingredients
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  • Uriage Thermal Water is pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and also trace elements. Like so this component soothes the skin and relieves any sensations of discomfort;
  • Moisturizing Agents are responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and supple;
  • Superfatting Agents are great when it comes to improve skin comfort.
How to use

Use Uriage Surgras Extra-Rich Dermatological Gel during shower or bath as your selected cleanser. Apply an appropriate amount to the wet skin of your body and face. Then, massage gently to clean impurities. Lastly, finish by rinsing thoroughly.