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Mesoestetic Glycolic Acid 10% + Vit E&F Ampoules 10x2ml

Mesoestetic Glycolic Acid 10% + Vit E&F Ampoules is a weekly anti-aging treatment which renews the skin, boosts radiance and fades wrinkles.

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Mesoestetic Glycolic Acid 10% + Vit E&F Ampoules is a weekly concentrated treatment for all skin types which helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin. The skin texture becomes even, boosting the skin's radiance by stimulating cell renewal. The light texture is quickly absorbed and in oily to combination skin, it helps to reduce acne scars and diminish the pore size. Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin.


  • Texture: serum;
  • Skin issues: uneven texture, dull skin, acne scars, dilated pores, wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Time of application: evening, once a week;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: reduces wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates, improves the skin texture, boosts radiance, reduces acne scars.

Main Ingredients

  • 10% Glycolic Acid helps to smooth the skin texture by promoting a gentle exfoliation and a cell renewal that helps to boost radiance and to even the skin texture;
  • Vitamin E has antioxidant activity which prevents damages induced by free radicals, preventing premature aging;
  • Vitamin F combines omega fatty acids which help to restore the skin barrier function, providing elasticity and strengthening the skin's resistance.

How to use

Apply one Mesoestetic Glycolic Acid 10% + Vit E&F Ampoule once a week in the evening. Open the ampoule by placing the opener on the neck of the ampoule and break it. Place the applicator, remove the lid and turn it upside down in order to get the product out of the glass vial and into the plastic section. Press the malleable area in order to get the product on the hands. Apply the product onto clean skin on the face, neck and chest and top it up with your favorite moisturizer. Make sure you use a sunscreen in the morning and do not use the leftover product on consecutive days.

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