L.A. Girl Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick
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L.A. GIRL Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick

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L.A. Girl Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick works as an eye primer so your eye shadows last much longer and become highly intense. In addition, this composition takes care of and moisturizes your eyelids.


L.A. Girl Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick has several skills to transform your entire eye makeup look. In this sense, this stick works as an eye primer that ends up guaranteeing a long-lasting eye makeup application. In turn, its formula is really light and non-sticky so that your eye shadows don't get cakey over time. Furthermore, this stick glides over your eyelids gently filling in any fine lines. At the same time, it promotes the pigments of the eye shadows so that they are as intense as possible. Finally, the composition of this make-up product has hydrating properties that end up leaving your eyelids much more cared for. In this sense, we are talking about ingredients such as Glycerin, Sweet Almond, Apricot and Castor oils. Basically, these properties also end up ensuring a better adherence of the makeup to your skin without drying or overloading it. All in all, this stick works as a primer with various abilities and benefits for your application of make-up products on the eyelids.

  • Color payoff: medium;
  • Finish: natural;
  • Texture: pencil;
  • Good for: enhancing the pigments and long-lasting eye shadows;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: pencil;
  • Formulated without: fragrance and parabens.
Main Ingredients
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  • Glycerin attracts water and binds it to the skin. It helps keep the skin hydrated and also shielded from external aggressors;
  • Sweet Almond nourishes and leaves the skin soft and silky;
  • Apricot Oil is a nice general purpose emollient plant oil with vitamin E and fatty acids;
  • Castor oil soothes and moisturizes the hair.
How to use

Using the L.A. Girl Pro Primer HD Eyeshadow Stick easy stick applicator, gently blend the eye primer across the upper eyelid from the lash line to the brow bone. Apply on the under eye area to neutralize the look of dark circles and prime for concealer application.

Product Indications
Primes, Hydrates & Prolongs Make-up