Chicco Refreshing Koala Teether 4m+
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Chicco Refreshing Koala Teether 4m+

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Chicco Refreshing Koala Teether 4m+ has a stainless steel insert that can be cooled, providing immediate relief from gum discomfort caused by teething.


Chicco Refreshing Koala Teether 4m+ aims to provide relief during your little one's delicate teething phase. Providing both texture and cold relief, this dual-action teether offers an effective solution for sore and irritated gums caused by emerging teeth. Thanks to the stainless steel insert, it can be chilled in the refrigerator or briefly submerged in ice cubes. So, the cold sensation helps to refresh the gums, offering immediate relief from discomfort and pain. Additionally, this teether boasts a multi-textured surface. The varied textures offer different sensations that not only engage your baby's curiosity but also effectively massage sore gums, providing further relief.

This teether is crafted from silicone and all materials are BPA-free. Silicone is also very easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for teething tools. Ergonomically designed, the teether is also easy for tiny hands to grasp and explore. The shape is intuitive, allowing your baby to hold it securely while investigating all the different textures it has to offer. As for the cherry on top, who can resist the adorable koala design? It adds an element of fun and whimsy that will surely captivate your little one's attention. In essence, this teether is not just a functional tool but also a cute companion that your baby will love to look at and explore. From its cooling capabilities to its ergonomic and fun design, it will help your baby navigate the often challenging teething phase.

  • Ideal for: massaging the baby's gums during teething;
  • Special features: helps to soothe the baby's gums during the teething phase, combines cold and texture for gum relief, has a stainless steel insert that can be cooled, is small and ergonomic, has different textures for different sensations, has a fun koala design;
  • Materials: 0% BPA, silicone with stainless steel insert, sterilizable;
  • Age: 4 months+;
  • Includes: one teether.
How to use

Before using Chicco Refreshing Koala Teether 4m+, make sure it is clean. Cool it in the fridge or briefly submerge it in cold water with ice cubes. Do not place the teether in the freezer. Then, give it to the baby whenever gum massaging and soothing is necessary.