Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting
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Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting

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Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting contains an ultra-fine tip that allows you to obtain a natural, even and flawless eyebrow look. Its vegan formula has a quick drying that allows you to make a look fast and flawless.


Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting allows you to have full and filled eyebrows quickly and with a natural finish. This is thanks to the design of this pen, as it has an ultra-thin tip. Therefore, with it you can simulate perfect and natural hair. Also, with the flatter and wider part you can fill the inside of your eyebrows evenly. Furthermore, this pen has synthetic and soft bristles on the skin, which also facilitates the drawing process. On the other hand, this vegan formula also has a quick drying and ideal for an on the go application. Making your makeup look has never been easier! In short, this pen helps you to have perfect and super natural eyebrows all day long. You can easily get your eyebrows highlighted and ready to rock.

  • Color payoff: medium;
  • Texture: liquid;
  • Good for: naturally filling in eyebrows and defining brow shape; all skin types;
  • Waterproof: no;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: pen with an ultra-fine felt tip;
  • Formulated without: ingredients of animal origin and parabens.
How to use

Apply Catrice Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting to your eyebrows starting by filling in the middle part. With small and light strokes, you should simulate hairs on your eyebrow in the direction of its growth. Shake the pen well before using it and always store it upside down.