Retincare Treatment for Dry Skin with Dark Spots & Wrinkles 30ml (1.01fl oz)
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Retincare Treatment for Dry Skin with Dark Spots & Wrinkles 30ml (1.01fl oz)


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Retincare helps fight dry skin, wrinkles, loss of firmness and hyperpigmentation spots, all with a high tolerance formula.


Retincare is an anti-aging treatment for mature skin that suffers from hyperpigmentation spots, wrinkles, loss of firmness and dry skin. Due to the powerful combination of retinoic and glycolic acids, this gel has a peeling effect and boosts the cellular turnover in order to renew the skin and make it look younger and brighter. Thanks to this peeling effect and a regulating effect on melanocytes, this gel helps to remove spots. Please note that you should always use a sunscreen during the day when you are using this gel.


Retincare has the following characteristics:

  • Retinol regulates hyperactivity of melanocytes, thus reduces and lightens blemishes, regulates the process of keratinization, stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes. It exfoliates and rebuilds the skin - smoothes the surface of it and increases its thickness;
  • Glycolic Acid boosts the cellular turnover thanks to its peeling effect, enabling new layers of skin to show and provide a younger and radiant look;
  • Suitable for skin suffering from hyperpigmentation, dryness, loss of firmness and wrinkles;
  • High tolerance.
How to use

Apply Retincare to cleansed skin, massaging gently, on evenings. Remove in the morning with your usual cleaning product. Please note that you should always use a dedicated sunscreen while using this treatment.

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