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Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming 7 Nights Ultra Intensive Cream 400ml

Somatoline Cosmetic 7 Nights Intensive Slimming Treatment reduces localized fat deposits in just one week.

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Somatoline Cosmetic 7 Nights Intensive Slimming Treatment is an innovative slimming treatment that offers visible results against localized fat deposits in just one week. This intensive formula contains a highly concentrated blend of ingredients called BioSlim7 Complex, which provides triple benefits to the body: the lipolytic action enhances the reduction of fat deposits; the anti-accumulation action avoids the formation of new fat deposits; and the draining action enhances the elimination of excess liquids. Perfect for women who struggle with accumulation of superficial fats, this product benefits from the particular receptivity of the skin during the night to release a complete slimming action.


  • Texture: gel-cream;
  • Skin issues: cellulite, accumulated fats;
  • Time of application: evening;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: reduces localized fat deposits, creates a slimmer appearance, counteracts the re-appearance of localized fat deposits even after the end of the treatment;
  • Formulated without: parabens.

Main Ingredients

  • Sea salt provides a natural exfoliating and draining action;
  • Brown algae, which are rich in iodine, trace elements, and vitamins, reduce fat deposits, improve micro-circulation, and promote the relocation of fat;
  • Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids, has protective, moisturizing, and emollient properties.

How to use

Apply Somatoline Cosmetic 7 Nights Intensive Slimming Treatment once a day to the affected areas and massage gently until the product has been fully absorbed. For ideal results, continue treatment for 4 weeks. Wash the hands after each application.

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