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Boí Thermal Restoring Thermal Water 150ml

Boí Thermal Restoring Thermal Water is a hypotonic thermal spring water that refreshes the skin, directly from the Pyrenees.

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Boí Thermal Restoring Thermal Water is the water extracted directly from the Font del Boix. Caldes del Boix is the oldest water in the Pyrenees, deriving from both glacial and rainwater. Subsequently, it has unique properties like the fact that it is the most hypotonic water in the market, making it extremely compatible with every skin, even the most sensitive. Additionally, nine of the thermal springs from Caldes del Boix have been recognized as having healing therapeutic water. Feel the refreshing effect of a water 16.000 years old that has withstood an intense journey through the caves of the Pyrenees and impermeable rocks, thus resulting in a water with a high sulphur, chloride, sodium and sulphate content.


  • Texture: liquid;
  • Skin issues: irritation, dehydration;
  • Time of application: as needed;
  • Age: 3+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: hydrating, refreshing, 99.6% natural, vegan.

Main Ingredients

  • Boí Thermal water is the most hypotonic in the market, with both sulfur to reduce redness and silica to regenerate the skin.

How to use

Apply Boí Thermal Restoring Thermal Water by spraying it onto your skin, keeping a distance of 20cm.

Informação Adicional