Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel 068 Velvet Bordeaux 11ml
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Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel 068 Velvet Bordeaux 11ml gets you a perfect manicure that lasts for days with a shimmery pearl-inspired finish.


Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel 068 Velvet Bordeaux 11ml is a pearlescent nail polish, now with an improved formula that offers increased performance! That said, this formula has much more longevity, allowing you to have your nails colored for up to six days. This is mainly because this new formula was, in fact, designed to adhere better to the nail thanks to a special structure. In this way, it creates a permanent nail polish effect, preserving its shine and color for up to six days. Equally important, this nail polish has now a maxi brush that turns the application even easier than it was, as it covers more surface in a short time. Perfect to get that beauty salon quality without leaving the comfort of your house.  

Above all, this nail polish delivers a shimmery finish like a pearl with a shiny glossy effect. As a result, it provides a glamorous look with the shine of shimmering pearls to let your nails shine no matter the occasion. To sum up, this nail polish preserves its color and shine for dazzling nails that last for a long time. Delivering an amazing performance, this product is, without a doubt, a staple in your manicure routine that you cannot miss. With a velvety burgundy color, it promises to be indispensable for any nail polish lover.

  • Color family: burgundy;
  • Opacity: medium;
  • Finish: shimmer;
  • Longevity: six days.
  • Benefits: keeps the color and shine for up to six days, delivers a pearly shimmery finish, and has a thick brush for easy application.
How to use

Apply two coats of Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel 068 Velvet Bordeaux 11ml on a clean nail, for a more intense result.