Suavinex White Brush-Comb Set +0m
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Suavinex White Brush-Comb Set +0m


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Suavinex White Brush-Comb Set +0m not only helps to comb and detangle the hair of the little ones, but it also helps the caregiver to wash their hair perfectly.


Suavinex White Brush-Comb Set +0m consists of a brush and comb set specially designed for babies and newborns. In this sense, this set helps to comb baby's hair as well as untangle older children's hair. Thus, this set ends up following the growth of babies and their hair. Furthermore, the brush even helps clean your baby's hair when used in the bath. Thanks to its rounded tips and soft fibers, your baby's comfort is not compromised, as is the skin or hair. Finally, this set will delight your baby as it has a funny design with the face of an animal. All in all, if you need a new set to comb, detangle and even help clean your baby's hair, this brush and comb set is a perfect addition for you.

  • Good for: combing, detangling and washing the hair of babies from zero months of age until they are older;
  • Presentation: set of a comb and brush with rounded ends and soft fibers.
How to use

To use Suavinex White Brush-Comb Set +0m, simply brush your baby's hair as you like. Use the brush to wash your baby's hair during the bath and the comb to untangle the hair if necessary. It is not advisable to use the brush or comb together with colognes containing alcohol and its derivatives, as this can damage the product.