Seoulista Beauty Brush Up! Skincare Duo
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Seoulista Beauty Brush Up! Skincare Duo


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Seoulista Beauty Brush Up! Skincare Duo are two luxurious skincare brushes that enhance the effects of the Seoulista Beauty Advanced Clinic Formulations™, allowing you to create a custom ritual for the face and body.


Seoulista Beauty Brush Up! Skincare Duo are two luxurious skincare brushes that elevate your skincare routine to a whole new level. Designed to complement Seoulista Beauty's Advanced Clinic Formulations™ masks, these brushes allow you to create a premium treatment for both your face and body. So, when used in combination with these products, these brushes enable you to target specific areas that need extra care and attention. The massaging action of the super-fine, antimicrobial bristles not only feels soothing but also enhances the penetration of the formulas. This maximizes their skincare benefits, ensuring you get the most out of every application.

This set includes two brushes, to cater to different areas. The smaller brush is perfect for targeting the areas that face masks can't quite reach, such as the delicate eye contour, jawline, and lips. The larger body brush is designed for use on areas like the neck, arms, hands, chest, and more. This offers a full-body treatment that mimics a spa experience. Using these brushes is a breeze. Simply dip the brush in the excess serum of the Advanced Clinic Formulations™ and use it to gently massage the product into your skin. Not only will you enjoy the luxurious feel of the brushes on your skin, but you'll also enhance the effects of your skincare routine. So, elevate your at-home spa experience and unlock the full potential of your products! It's time to treat yourself to a personalized, spa-like skincare ritual that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant.

  • Good for: applying skincare products to the face and body;
  • Presentation: one smaller brush for the face and one larger brush for the body, both with long, metallic pink handles and antibacterial bristles.
How to use

Use the Seoulista Beauty Brush Up! Skincare Duo in combination with the Seoulista Beauty's Advanced Clinic Formulations™ Instant Facial™ masks.

First, apply the face mask and store the pouch upright. Then, pour all of the leftover serum inside the pouch into a bowl. Start with the smaller brush and dip it into the bowl, tapping off the excess. Stroke the jawline, eye contour, and lips using a tapping movement, to target the areas the face mask can't reach. Then, dip the body brush into the bowl and tap off the excess. Stroke the brush down the neck, arms, and chest, and any other areas you want to target, such as the hands, knees, elbows, or buttocks. Leave a small amount of serum in the bowl. Finally, after removing the Instant Facial™ mask, take the small brush and dip it into the bowl. Apply the last of the serum to the cheeks, eye contour, and lip area.