Real Techniques Eye Shine Set
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Real Techniques Eye Shine Set


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Real Techniques Eye Shine Set is a gift set with four brushes to apply eyeshadows and liners and create limitless eye looks!


This gift set contains the following products:

  • Real Techniques 304 Defining Crease Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 308 Medium Shadow Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 332 Smudge Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 356 Angled Liner x1

Real Techniques 304 Defining Crease Brush is specifically for applying makeup to the eye crease. With this in mind, it has a long and pointed shape with ultra-tapered bristles that perfectly fit this area. Furthermore, with UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles, this brush is extremely soft and easy to use. In this way, this brush offers great flexibility and precision and is perfect for easily blending cream and powder shadows.

Real Techniques 308 Medium Shadow Brush is ideal for applying and blending cream or powdered eyeshadows into the eyelid. With UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles, this brush is extremely soft and easy to use. In this way, you can very well grab the product and transfer it to your eye. As a key factor, this brush has a large and flat shape perfect for applying the product. Also, it has the perfect size to fit the eyelid. Furthermore, this brush has tapered bristles for a well-blended application. In short, this brush offers an even and flawless application and blending of eye makeup. 

Real Techniques 332 Smudge Brush is ideal to blend and blur liners and shadows along the lash line. For this purpose, it has a compact and domed shape that grants a concentrated application. Meanwhile, the UltraPlush™ short and dense bristles are great for smudging, making this brush extremely soft and easy to use. Therefore, this brush helps diffuse powder, cream, or gel.

Real Techniques 356 Angled Liner is a precise and angled brush with UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles, being extremely soft and easy to use. Its angled shape makes it ideal for creating unique eye looks. You can count on this brush to create the perfect winged look, using a soft gel liner, or to create a more natural look by using a hard gel. The choice is yours! In short, this angled liner is an essential tool to upgrade your eye looks!