Flormar Makeup Brush Set
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Flormar Makeup Brush Set


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Flormar Makeup Brush Set is a set of four high-quality tools, perfect to achieve a professional-like complete makeup style.


Flormar Makeup Brush Set is everything you need to apply a complete makeup look. In fact, this set contains all the essentials brushes to apply foundation, blush, highlighter, and a beautiful eye makeup style. First, we have the Flormar Flat Foundation Brush. This makeup tool blends perfectly your favorite liquid or cream foundation. The soft bristles have the ideal density to allow an easy and quick application, ensuring a comfortable spread at the same time. In addition, we will also find the Flared Cut Blush Brush. This brush is suitable to add those perfect final touches to your makeup look such as blush and highlighter. Lastly, in order to create a whole eye makeup with ease, this set comes with an Eye Shadow Brush and an Eye Crease Brush. The Flormar Eye Shadow Brush is a soft-bristled tool that provides a flawless distribution of light and medium shades. Conversely, the Flormar Eye Crease Brush is perfect to add dimension to your eye makeup look by adding shades to the eyelid line. In a nutshell, the Makeup Brush Set by Flormar features four high-quality tools that promise to quickly become fundamental to your makeup routine. These brushes provide an effortless and professional-like application, being easy to store and clean at the same time.

  • Good for: creating a complete makeup look with professional quality, applying liquid or cream foundation, applying blush and highlighter, using medium and dark shades, creating definition on the eye crease;
  • Presentation: a set of four high-quality makeup brushes with long handles with rose gold details.
How to use

Use the Flormar Makeup Brush Set to create a complete makeup look without effort. First, apply a liquid or cream foundation with the Flormar Flat Foundation Brush. Apply the formula directly on the skin or on the bristles of the tool. Then, blend starting at the center of the face and moving outwards. Follow up by applying your selected shadow with the Flormar Eye Shadow Brush. To create definition, use the Eye Crease Brush to apply a darker color on the eyelid line. Lastly, with the Flared Cut Blush Brush, apply blush to the cheeks and highlighter to the upper cheekbones. Use uplifting movements for a lively finish.