Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel
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Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel a luxurious nail polish that provides care while offering a beautiful glossy finish.


Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel is a multipurpose nail polish that provides multiple benefits to your nails while delivering a striking pop of color. In fact, we are talking about a nail enamel that offers style and care at the same time! On one side, the Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel shields the nail, protecting its moisture levels. Simultaneously, these shades are extremely permeable to oxygen and water vapor and, like so, help to promote healthy nail growth. Therefore, you can flaunt beautiful nails and provide them with protection and nourishment with just one product. Watch how your nails grow stronger, quicker, and healthier without sacrificing your grooming routine. Last but not least, achieving all of these benefits has never been so easy. The Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel is easy to apply and has an ultra-quick drying formula. Perfect to achieve a flawless manicure even when you are just about to run out of the door.

  • Opacity: opaque;
  • Finish: luminous;
  • Benefits: nail enamel with striking colors that protects the nail and promotes a healthy grow, quick-drying formula.
How to use

Shake Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel before use. Start by using your favorite Flormar base coat. Then, apply two coats of the Breathing Color Nail Enamel and wait for it to dry for about two minutes. Finish with a Top Coat in order to increase the lasting power. This nail polish is easily removed with a regular nail polish remover. Keep this product in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Make sure you properly close the lid after use.