Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier 0-6m Blue x2
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Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier 0-6m Blue x2


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Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier 0-6m Blue x2 has a safe and comfortable format for babies. In addition, it helps them to relax in a peaceful way.


Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier 0-6m Blue x2 is a pacifier suitable for babies up to six months of age. Specifically, this pacifier has the ability to calm babies when they are more agitated or even uncomfortable. In turn, this pacifier becomes practical even for the caregiver as it can be perfectly disinfected in the dishwasher or even in a practical microwave sterilizer.

Specifically, this pacifier promotes the proper development of the newborn's oral cavity, even during the teething phase. The fact that it has an air channel inside it means that pressure on the palate is reduced and even avoided. In turn, the hollow bulb improves the placement of the baby's tongue and also reduces pressure on the palate. In addition to all this, this pacifier has an ultra-thin base to cause less impact on the baby's mouth and jaw. Thus, the baby is guaranteed to be comfortable while sucking the pacifier. Finally, the curved butterfly-style shield allows the baby to be comfortable while having enough space in the nose and cheeks to avoid any kind of injury. In short, this pacifier is perfect for times when the baby is more agitated and needs to relax, while still providing absolute comfort and safety.

  • Ideal for: calming and relaxing babies;
  • Special features: it has a format suitable for the good oral development of the baby, its butterfly shape provides greater comfort and safety;
  • Materials: BPA-free silicone;
  • Age: 0 to 6 months;
  • Includes: two colored pacifiers in shades of blue.
How to use

Before using Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier 0-6m Blue x2, disinfect everything for the first time. Then, whenever you need to relax or soothe the baby, put the pacifier in his mouth.