Chicco Refreshing Cactus Teether 4m+
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Chicco Refreshing Cactus Teether 4m+


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Chicco Refreshing Cactus Teether 4m+ is a playful teether that can be cooled, for immediate relief of gum discomfort during the baby's teething phase.


Chicco Refreshing Cactus Teether 4m+ helps turn the challenge of teething into a more manageable experience for both parents and babies alike. So, this dual-purpose teether offers the benefits of both textured surfaces and cooling relief. It contains a water-filled interior that can be chilled in the fridge, creating a refreshing and calming sensation that instantly eases gum discomfort. Texture plays an equally important role in this teether's design. The varied textures offer multiple sensations, allowing your little one to explore and discover what feels most comforting. Beyond comfort, thoughtful design is also a feature. The teether's ergonomic shape helps to reach even the most hard-to-get places in your baby's mouth. This consideration for design extends to the 3D handle, which is perfect for little hands to grasp easily. Not only does this make it simple for your baby to control the teether, but it also encourages the development of fine motor skills.

Adding a sprinkle of fun to function, the playful cactus design captivates the imagination. Your little one will be as charmed by its appearance as they are comforted by its features, making teething time less of a chore and more of an adventure. To summarize, this innovative teether is a blend of functionality and whimsical design. It promises to be an indispensable ally in your baby’s teething journey.

  • Ideal for: massaging the baby's gums during teething;
  • Special features: helps to soothe the baby's gums during the teething phase, suitable for cooling in the fridge, combines cold and texture for immediate gum relief, has an ergonomic shape, the handle helps the baby to easily hold and develop motor skills, has different textures for different sensations, has a fun cactus design;
  • Materials: 0% BPA, silicone, sterilizable;
  • Age: 4 months+;
  • Includes: one teether.
How to use

Before using Chicco Refreshing Cactus Teether 4m+, make sure it is clean. For extra relief, cool it in the fridge. Then, give it to the baby whenever gum massaging and soothing is necessary.