Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent Perfumed Spray Marine 100ml
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Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent Perfumed Spray Marine 100ml


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Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent Perfumed Spray Marine 100ml offers protection against mosquito bites while providing a lovely marine fragrance.


Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent Perfumed Spray Marine 100ml offers protection against mosquito bites for the whole family. Suitable for babies over three months, children, adults and pregnant people, this repellent does not irritate the skin nor leave it greasy. Mosquito bites can be really annoying, if not dangerous and a source of disease. Moreover, they are attracted to body heat, elevated metabolism (especially in pregnant women), thinner skin in women and children and skin odor such as sweat.

Bodyguard acts as the first line of defense and, for eight hours, you can count on pure efficiency against the most common mosquitoes (Culex, Aedes et Anopheles), ticks and fleas. In fact, this bio-synthetic repellent uses a concentrated (20%) of IR3535® which blocks the mosquito's olfactory receptors at the neuronal level. Therefore, the scent message is no longer transmitted to the antennae lobe. Thus, making the odor of human skin undetected and preventing bites.

T.E.C. tested this product against Culex pipiens, Anopheles gambiae e Aedes albopictus for eight hours in a laboratory. They followed the World Health Organization reference method. It demonstrates effectiveness in temperatures up to 34ºC and conditions of 95% humidity. As such, it covers tropical and temperate climates

On top of that, the 100 ml format fits the requirements for cabin baggage. Additionally, if your ecological footprint concerns you, Bodyguard offers a recyclable package, a refillable and a biodegradable active substance. Lastly, this is the only perfume mosquito repellent and offers five pleasant and delicate fragrances: marine, coconut, orange blossom, monoi and baby.

  • Good for: preventing mosquito bites for eight hours, pregnant people, babies over 3 months;
  • Presentation: plastic spray bottle.
How to use

Apply Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent Perfumed Spray Marine 100ml only to exposed skin and/or clothing. Make sure not to use it under clothing. Do not spray directly into the face. Firstly, spray on the hands. Then, apply it to the face using your hands. Avoid applying near the eyes and mouth and apply sparingly around the ears. Depending on age, apply one to three times a day.